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Hobson, John Atkinson (1858–1940)

  • Peter Clarke
  • Roger E. Backhouse
  • P. J. Cain
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John Atkinson Hobson, a self-styled economic heretic, had a long and prolific career as an economist and political activist. His heresies included underconsumptionism and a critique of orthodox welfare economics based on ideas from John Ruskin, the former being elaborated into a theory of imperialism that influenced Lenin. He was belatedly recognized as a forerunner by Keynes in his General Theory, but this does not do justice to the range of Hobson’s work.


Accelerator Clark, J. B. Effective demand Fabian economics Forced gains Hobson, J. A. Imperialism Involuntary unemployment Keynes, J. M. Lenin, V. I. Living wage Marginal productivity theory Marginalism Mill, J. S. Pigou, A. C. Productive and unproductive surplus Progressive and regressive taxation Protection Quantity theory of money Rent Surplus value Underconsumptionism 

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