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Structure of Higher Education System


Higher education is provided by universities, both public and private, and specialized institutions. The National University is autonomous and is financed by credits from the State, gifts and student fees. The governing bodies are the General Assembly, the Higher University Council and the Rector. The Ministerio de Educación, through the Dirección Nacional de Educación Superior, is responsible for higher education policy and study programmes. Private universities must submit their programmes to the approval of the Ministry of Education.

Stages of studies

University level first stage

Licenciatura, Ingeniero, Arquitecto

The title of Ingeniero (Agricultural, Civil, Industrial, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering) requires five years’ study, as does that of Arquitecto. The Licenciatura is generally awarded after five years’ study in most fields.

University level second stage


The Maestría is usually awarded two years after the...

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