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Structure of Higher Education System


Higher education is currently provided for by the Law on Higher Education of 27 July 2005. The higher education system comprises both public and non-public institutions. Before 1990, there were only state higher education institutions (with the exception of the Catholic University of Lublin). The Higher Education Act, introduced in 1990, enabled the creation of non-state higher education institutions. When the Schools of Higher Professional Education Act came into force in 1997, courses of higher professional education were created. Thus, at present, there are both university-type and non university-type (professional education) institutions in Poland. Graduates of first cycle courses are awarded the professional title of licencjat or inżynier (or equivalent) after 3-4 years' study. Graduates of a second cycle course are awarded the professional title of magister or equivalent after 1.5 to 2 years of studies. There are also...

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