Encyclopedia of Teacher Education

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Case-Based Instruction and Pedagogies in Teacher Education

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Institutions of higher education must shift from traditional methods of teaching, such as lecture-based instruction to nontraditional methods. These methods include case-based instruction, experiential learning, problem-based learning, role-play learning, service learning, and teamwork. Additionally, some IHE have adopted a curriculum with an integrated approach to education, which is also commonly referred to as interdisciplinary education, multidisciplinary education, or cross-disciplinary education, among other terms. The nontraditional method highlighted in this section is case-based instruction (CBI). The author describes two pedagogical approaches to CBI, which may be used in either a traditional face-to-face college course or an online course.

History and Use of Case-based Instruction

Case-based instruction was introduced by Harvard Business School in the 1920s and has been adopted by many medical and nursing programs. William Timpson at Colorado State University...

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