Revisiting the Virtuous City: Learning from the Past to Improve Modern Urban Mental Health

  • Carolyn Stephens
  • Alfredo Gutierrez Carrizo
  • Abbas Ostadtaghizaddeh
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Part of the Mental Health and Illness Worldwide book series (MHIW)


This chapter looks at the evidence on current urban mental health in the context of rapid global change, both environmentally and socially. We summarize relevant epidemiological evidence on urban mental health, looking particularly at studies from Asia, Latin America, and Africa. We then look at two complementary major philosophical ideas from urban thinkers of the past – the Ideal or Utopian City and the Garden City, and discuss how these ideas are relevant for the urban mental health in the twenty-first century. We conclude with the importance of incorporating all human wisdom from the past millennia to deal with the future challenge of creating mentally healthy and sustainable cities.


Urban equity Urban-rural differences Philosophy and architecture Urban design Climate change and mental health Garden City Utopian City Sustainable cities 


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