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Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions

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Academics and Higher Education Expansion

  • Maria YudkevichAffiliated withNational Research University Higher School of Economics Email author 

Many people associate the massification of higher education, which has become an inherent part to the educational landscape of many countries in the past decades (Schofer and Meyer 2005), primarily with the increase in enrolment rates. Indeed, according to Ulrich Teichler, “the term ‘mass higher education’ was traditionally employed to describe the growth of enrolment beyond the level of academic reproduction and training for a small number of occupations requiring this education for demanding professions and privileged social positions” (Teichler 1998, P. 19). At the same time, the impact of the massification goes beyond a mere growth in the number of young people with a higher education diploma. Massification has a significant effect on the academic profession, its substance, and, of course, the people who represent universities’ academic core.

What are the underlying factors behind this effect, and what does it mean in practice?

First of all, student numbers are growing. Faculty is ex ...

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