History of HUBO, Korean Humanoid Robot

  • Jung-Woo Heo
  • Jungho Lee
  • In-Ho Lee
  • Jeongsoo Lim
  • Jun-Ho Oh
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HUBO, a trailblazer in humanoid robots, was developed in the HUBO Laboratory, which is a humanoid robot research center in KAIST, Korea. We developed HUBO that can complete such tasks as walking and running despite limited funds and short research time. Many other robots have also been developed in the HUBO Lab. since the development of the first version of HUBO in 2002. The robots developed are KHR-1, KHR-2, KHR-3 (HUBO), Albert HUBO, FX-1, DRC-HUBO, and DRC-HUBO+. Especially, DRC-HUBO+ is a winning robot in the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals 2015. In this chapter, we describe the development of the HUBO series over the last 10 years and explain the core technology used for these robots.


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