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Wetland Triggers for Strategic Environmental Assessment

  • Roel Slootweg
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Wetland triggers in Strategic Environmental Assessment - factors that signal the need for special attention to wetlands - are (1) ecosystem services provided by the affected area; (2) activities that may be direct drivers of change in ecosystem services; (3) indirect drivers of change. For Trigger (1), the ecosystem services (including biodiversity) need to be assessed and valued. For Triggers (2) and (3), the drivers of change leading to biophysical change need to be identified and the potential impact estimated. In case of a combination of (1) and (2), a combined assessment is done which allows for greater detail in defining the expected impacts. The article presents an overview of the procedures for incorporating wetlands and biodiversity in the SEA process.


Strategic environmental assessment Wetlands Triggers for SEA Ecosystem services Biodiversity Decision-making 


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