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Management Planning for Nature Conservation: Core Principles

  • Tom Hellawel
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This chapter summarizes the core principles for preparing a management plan for nature conservation, particularly for European Natura 2000 and Ramsar sites, as prepared and endorsed by participants in a workshop held in 2008 in North Wales, UK, representing 11 European countries. General principles included, among others, that in addition to the management of nature conservation features, plans should also address stakeholder interests, cultural aspects, visitor management/tourism, education and interpretation, and social and economic aspects; that the precautionary principle is important in the context of conservation management and planning; and that planners should integrate site planning with wider sectorial and land use plans. More specific recommendations focused on the importance of stakeholder involvement and an inclusive approach which takes account of the interests of all stakeholders and encourages their involvement in all appropriate aspects of planning and site management. The planning process should be adaptive, with an iterative and developmental process of which monitoring is an essential component. Management plans need to include a description of the features of the wetland, and management objectives should be described in terms of the desired state of the key features of the site. All management plans should contain an action plan which identifies the total resource requirement and costs all the activities required to obtain and maintain features at favorable conservation status. The action plan should identify priorities for all management activities and identify who will be responsible for implementing the activities.


Wetland management planning Conservation Adaptive management Favorable conservation status Precautionary principle 

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