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Landscape Aesthetics and Wetlands

  • Mark Everard
  • Robert J. McInnes
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Wetlands span a diversity of wet or periodically inundated habitats, with an equally diverse set of associated cultural interpretations and values. For this reason, wetland landscapes are ascribed a wide range of inspirational qualities, but also some negative associations.

Understanding how the public and different decision-makers interpret wetlands, both natural systems and proposals for constructed or restored wetlands, is important in gaining support for their design, implementation, and management. Landscape architects may have an important role within multidisciplinary teams in translating technical knowledge into forms more readily understood and supported by the public and other nontechnical audiences.

Public understanding of wetlands, both promotion of their inspiration qualities and reinterpretation of potential negative associations, is vital for the success of wetland conservation, recreation, and construction. Framing this in ways that are accepted and welcomed by the public and decision-makers remains a key challenge.


Cultural Values Inspirational Holy wells Sacred groves Funery Recreation Tourism Aesthetic Green infrastructure Landscape architects 


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  1. 1.International Water Security NetworkUniversity of the West of EnglandBristolUK
  2. 2.RM Wetlands and Environment LtdLittleworthUK

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