New Daily Persistent Headache, Hemicrania Continua, Primary Stabbing Headache, Hypnic Headache, Nummular Headache

  • Stefan Evers
  • Juan A. Pareja
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In section 4 of the International Headache Society classification, a group of miscellaneous idiopathic headache disorders is described. Among these, new daily persistent headache, hemicrania continua, primary stabbing headache, and hypnic headache can be found. In addition, nummular headache is defined as an idiopathic headache; however, it is only described in the research section of the classification. The typical clinical features, the epidemiology, and the management of these headaches are described. Most of them do not require specific treatment and are, at least in part, responsive to indomethacin. Symptomatic causes of these headache features have to be ruled out by brain scanning and other procedures. In detail, new daily persistent headache is mostly refractory to any kind of treatment, although antidepressants and anticonvulsants are tried. Hemicrania continua shows an absolute response to indomethacin, but an alternative treatment could be greater occipital nerve stimulation. Primary stabbing headache is also often responsive to indomethacin, in many cases patients do not really suffer from this headache disorder. Hypnic headache can be treated by a cup of strong coffee before going to bed or by lithium. Nummular headache is responsive to anticonvulsants in some cases.


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