What to Tell Patients About Migraine

  • Timothy J. Steiner
  • Paolo Martelletti
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Headache disorders are real – they are not just in the mind.

This chapter summarizes information suitable for communication to migraine patients on causes, types, symptoms, triggers, and treatment strategies. The information is aimed at helping them to understand their headache, their diagnosis and their treatment, and to work with their health-care provider in a way that will get best results for them.


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The text of this chapter is taken from a leaflet prepared by Lifting The Burden: the Global Campaign against Headache. It was drafted by a small writing group, revised following review by an international panel whose principal responsibility was to ensure worldwide cross-cultural relevance and, finally, checked for ease of comprehension by the Campaign for Plain English. The leaflet is endorsed by the World Health Organization and has been published in Journal of Headache and Pain (2007).


  1. Lifting The Burden. The Global Campaign to Reduce the Burden of Headache Worldwide (2007) Information for people affected by migraine. J Headache Pain 8(Suppl 1):S26–S29Google Scholar

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