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Diffuse unilateral subacute neuroretinitis (DUSN) was first described by Gass and was termed “unilateral wipe out syndrome” (Gass et al. 1978). He observed a subset of young adults and children with rapidly progressive visual loss accompanied by optic atrophy, retinal vascular attenuation, and pigmentary retinopathy in one eye. While reviewing serial photographs of these patients, he noted clusters of gray-white lesions that migrated to different areas of the fundus over time. The keen observer that he is, he found a small curvilinear glistening white structure approximately 400 microns in length with tapered ends in the vicinity of the active lesions. The white worm-like structure moved with the crops of gray-white lesions. This led him to describe DUSN, a condition that is characterized by migrating crops of creamy white retinal lesions caused by a moving tiny larva in the subretinal space.

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