Anterior Segment Manifestations of Lyme Disease

  • Muhammad Hassan
  • Mohammad Ali Sadiq
  • Aniruddha Agarwal
  • Bahram Bodaghi
  • Quan Dong Nguyen
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Lyme borreliosis is one of the most common spirochetal infections in the developed world. Ocular manifestations of Lyme disease can potentially occur in any stage of the disease, but it is more common during the second stage of the disease (characterized by involvement of the nervous and cardiac tissue). Lyme disease can affect any ocular structure. However, anterior uveal involvement is an uncommon manifestation of Lyme borreliosis. The characteristic features of anterior Lyme-related uveitis include granulomatous uveitis, which is generally bilateral; however, cases with unilateral manifestations have been reported in the literature. In this chapter, clinical features of anterior uveitis secondary to infection with Borrelia species are outlined.


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