Solute Carrier Family 35 (UDP-Galactose Transporter), Member A2 (SLC35A2)

  • Nobuhiro Ishida
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UDP-Gal transporter (SLC35A2) is a multiple-segment transmembrane protein of the Golgi apparatus that delivers UDP-Gal, synthesized in the cytosol, into the Golgi lumen to provide various Gal transferases with their substrate for the elongation of carbohydrate chains (Kawakita et al. 1998). Gal transferases, whose catalytic sites face the Golgi lumen, cannot add Gal residues to growing carbohydrate chains unless UDP-Gal is supplied through UDP-Gal transporter. Thus, mutant cultured cell lines defective in UDP-Gal transporter were shown to accumulate Glc-Cer instead of lactosylceramide (Taki et al. 1991), and truncated N-linked oligosaccharide chains terminated at GlcNAc (Hara et al. 1989a).


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