ST3 Beta-Galactoside Alpha-2,3-Sialyltransferase 6 (ST3GAL6)

  • Tetsuya Okajima
  • Koichi Furukawa
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ST3Gal6 (Uniprot ID: Q11203) is a member of the sialyltransferase family that transfers sialic acid from the activated cytidine 5′-monophospho-N-acetylneuraminic acid to terminal galactose on glycolipids (gangliosides) or the N- or O-linked sugar chains of glycoproteins in α2,3 linkage. ST3Gal6 has high specificity for neolactotetraosylceramide (paragloboside) and neolactohexaosylceramide as glycosphingolipid substrates and contributes to the formation of sialyl type II lactosamine and thereby Sialyl-Lewis X, a tetrasaccharide carbohydrate important for selectin-mediated cell adhesion and a blood group antigen.


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