Encyclopedia of Membranes

2016 Edition
| Editors: Enrico Drioli, Lidietta Giorno

Flat Sheet Membrane Photocatalytic Reactor

  • Raffaele Molinari
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-662-44324-8_964

When membrane configuration is flat type and it is coupled to a photocatalytic reaction, the reactor can be named flat-sheet membrane photocatalytic reactor.

A recirculation cell containing various types of flat-sheet membranes which were able to retain the suspended catalyst and partially selective to the pollutant was studied by Molinari et al. (2001). The membranes were NTR7410 and NTR7450 (Nitto Denko), N30F and NF-PES-010 (Hoechst), and MPCB0000R98 (SEPAREM). The measured permeate flux was in the range 5–30 l/h m2at 4 bar, and all membranes showed both a rejection and a capacity to adsorb the pollutant with a transitory phase varying from 80 to 400 min at 4 bar. This behavior could be a benefit for the process because oscillations in the pollutant concentration were not transmitted in the permeate. Three factors, rejection, photocatalytic degradation, and adsorption, were able to maintain the 4-nitrophenol (4NP) concentration in the permeate at very low values. For the...

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