Encyclopedia of Membranes

2016 Edition
| Editors: Enrico Drioli, Lidietta Giorno

Fuel Cell Membrane

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Low-temperature fuel cells can be equipped with a proton or anion exchange membrane in alternative to liquid electrolytes (Aricò et al. 2001). The core of a polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEMFC) is the ion exchange membrane. The electrodes (anode and cathode) are in intimate contact with the membrane faces. The membrane determines the fuel cell resistance and the fuel permeation rate, and it influences the reaction rate. It is well known that the use of non-noble metal catalysts is possible in the presence of alkaline electrolytes. Proton-conducting electrolytes have been preferred to alkaline electrolytes for several decades for practical reasons, e.g., to avoid carbonation. The standard electrolyte membrane is usually a perfluorosulfonic acid membrane such as Nafion. Most of the electrolytes alternative to Nafion both proton conducting and alkaline type, e.g., hydrocarbon type, are significantly cheaper, and, in some cases, they are also characterized by smaller hydrogen and...

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