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Lamellar Copolymers

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The presence of covalent bonds between the blocks in block copolymers leads to severe restrictions on the state of local segregation between them allowing the formation of few and defined morphologies. Comparing the phase separation that occurs in a pure copolymer AB and into the corresponding mixture of homopolymers HA/HB and assuming that in both cases strips of different phases are formed, parallel to the surface of the system, it is observed that in the mixture the size of the homopolymeric lamellae parallel to the surface and perpendicular to it are both much greater than the radius of gyration (Rg) of the polymer. Instead, in the case of the block copolymer, the presence of the bond between the blocks allows the formation of lamellae whose dimensions parallel to the surface are much greater than the radius of gyration, but the size perpendicular to the surface has dimensions comparable to the radius of gyration. On the basis of this different structural feature, the domains of...
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