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Free NaA Stabilized Sodalite (SOD)

  • Catia Algieri
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Sodalite (SOD) is a small-pore (2.8 Å) zeolite and so good candidate in the separation of small molecules such as NH3 (2.55 Å), He (2.6 Å), H2O (2.65 Å), and H2 (2.95 Å) from gas or liquid mixtures (Khajavi et al. 2007). In 1969 aluminosilicate sodalite was first synthesized using tetramethylammonium as structure directing agent (SDA) (Baerlocher and Meier 1969). For the first time, Bibby and Dale successfully reported the synthesis of silica sodalite (Bibby and Dale 1985). They prepared silica sodalite using a nonaqueous solvent. In particular, the ethylene glycol was used as solvent and SDA and the unit cell composition obtained was Si12O24 · 2C2H4(OH)2. Subsequently, it demonstrated the possibility to prepare silica sodalite by using SDA 1,3,5-trioxane (Keijsper et al. 1989). Recently, Yang and coworkers studied the effect of water in a solvothermal system composed of SiO2, NaOH, and ethylene glycol. They discovered a little amount of water did not influence the sodalite...

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