Encyclopedia of Astrobiology

2015 Edition
| Editors: Muriel Gargaud, William M. Irvine, Ricardo Amils, Henderson James (Jim) CleavesII, Daniele L. Pinti, José Cernicharo Quintanilla, Daniel Rouan, Tilman Spohn, Stéphane Tirard, Michel Viso

RNA Polymerase

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RNA polymerase is an enzyme which catalyzes the addition of a ribonucleoside triphosphate to the 3′ – end of a RNA strand using a template. The systematic name of this enzymatic activity is nucleoside triphosphate-RNA nucleotidyltransferase, and the catalyzed reaction can be represented as
$$ \mathrm{nucleoside}\ \mathrm{triphosphate}+{\mathrm{RNA}}_n=\mathrm{diphosphate}+{{\mathrm{RNA}}_n}_{+1} $$
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