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Ribonucleic acid (RNA) is one of two principal types of nucleic acid found in all cellular life. RNA consists of a polymer of ribonucleoside phosphates, each unit of which, in turn, is comprised of a  pyrimidine base or  purine base, a  ribose sugar, and a  phosphate. RNAs encode genetic information (e.g., RNA viruses), serve as intermediates in gene transcription (e.g., mRNA), and also play structural, regulatory, and catalytic (e.g.,  ribosome) roles in cellular biology.


Central Dogma of Molecular Biology

Francis Crick proposed a simple scheme, shown below, that he entitled “The Central Dogma of Molecular Biology” to serve as a unifying axiom for the emerging field of molecular biology: \( \mathrm{D}\mathrm{N}\mathrm{A}\to \mathrm{R}\mathrm{N}\mathrm{A}\to \mathrm{Protein} \)


Catalytic RNA Messenger RNA Nucleic acid Ribosomal RNA Ribozymes RNA world RNAi Transfer RNA 
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