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Radiative Processes

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The expression “radiative processes” encompasses all the various physical processes by which a medium releases energy in the form of  electromagnetic radiation. At the microscopic level, this involves the emission of a photon by an elementary particle, as the result of specific interactions with other particles or particular conditions of temperature, acceleration, and/or excitation. Several radiative processes producing  continuum emission can be identified: on one side, blackbody and  bremsstrahlung radiation which are the source of thermal emission and, on the other side, cyclotron, gyrosynchrotron, and synchrotron emission, which are linked to the spiraling of charged particles in a magnetic field and considered as nonthermal processes. Note that we do not consider in this entry  spectral line emission, which results from quantum transitions between energy levels of an atom, molecule, or ion.


Since the quasi-unique source of information on celestial objects is...


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