Human Resources Marketing and Recruiting: Essentials of Digital Recruiting

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This chapter will cover digital recruitment from its definition thru to its history in recruitment and trends. The subject itself could cover an entire book or an entire module at university, so this chapter will broadly touch upon the key elements and considerations. Under cultural perspective, the recruitment life cycle will be broken down into its individual parts, and digital solutions will be examined for each individual part of the process together with the impact this has on the knowledge and challenges for the manager and team. The economic perspective will assist in prioritizing initiatives and building a business case for the introduction of digital recruiting solutions. The risk perspective will raise awareness of the potential pitfalls and the operational perspective on the key considerations for a successful implementation. Finally, the key messages of this chapter are summarized in the Do’s and Don’ts.


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Recommended Reading

LinkedIn Groups

  1. There are so many LinkedIn groups out there that finding them with keywords can be difficult. Look at what groups your peers are participating in and look at membership numbers and activity. Opting for digest emails can reduce the inbox overload.Google Scholar
  2. The following groups all have relevant discussions and trends in the field of digital recruitmentGoogle Scholar
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  1. Whilst the majority of these websites are commercial, the author is not endorsing any particular brand or product, but referencing these sites because of the large amount of free material and up-to-date studies available in the domain of digital recruiting. Generally search for the ‘white papers’ or ‘blog’ sections of these websites to find the latest researchGoogle Scholar

Books & e-Books

  1. Many excellent books exist in this domain, but the problem with paper literature is they can rapidly become out of date if they are too technology specific.Google Scholar
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