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Ixodes and Ixodid Tick Species Synonyms

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Several European ixodid tick species have been described under various names, which led to considerable confusions among the users. The following Table 1 lists recent correct names and synonyms.
Ixodes and Ixodid Tick Species Synonyms, Table 1

Synonym names of several ixodid species according to Camicas et al. (1998) and Petney et al. (2012)

Correct name


Dermacentor reticulatus

Dermacentor pictus

Hyalomma marginatum

Hyalomma plumbeum

Ixodes arboricola

Ixodes dryalis, Ixodes passericola, Ixodes strigicola

Ixodes apronophorus

Ixodes arvicolae

Ixodes canisuga

Ixodes autumnalis, Ixodes barbarossae, Ixodes latirostris, Ixodes melicola, Ixodes sciuricola, Ixodes vulpicola, Ixodes vulpinus, Ixodes vulpis

Ixodes filipova

Ixodes danyi

Ixodes frontalis

Ixodes pari

Ixodes kaiseri

Ixodes bekonyensis

Ixodes lividus

Ixodes plumbeus spp.

Ixodes simplex

Ixodes chiropterorum, Ixodes pospleolva, Ixodes simplex africanus, Ixodes simplex simplex

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