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Infectious Larvae of Nematodes

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In  nematodes the larva 3 acts as an infectious stage. In general these stages are ingested with food, while being attached at plants. These stages are mostly surrounded by a sheath (Fig. 1). However, the larvae 3 of   Strongyloides are not sheathed when entering their hosts.
Infectious Larvae of Nematodes, Fig. 1

Diagrammatic representation of the posterior regions of different infectious larvae 3 of nematodes of sheep. A Strongyloides papillosus; B Trichostrongylus sp. C Ostertagia sp. D Cooperia sp. E Haemonchus sp. F Bunostomum sp. G Oesophagostomum sp. H Chabertia sp. I Nematodirus sp. S tail, SH sheath

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