Encyclopedia of Parasitology

2016 Edition
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 Amyloodinium,  Piscinoodinium, genera of dino-flagellates on the skin of fresh- or saltwater fish (Figs. 1 and 2).
Oodinium, Fig. 1

Amyloodinium ocellatum stages parasitizing at the fin of a saltwater fish (arrow). This stage reaches a size of about 150 μm and takes its food via protrusions entering into the host tissues

Oodinium, Fig. 2

Diagrammatic representation of a Piscoodinium pillularis stage on the skin of a freshwater fish (after Reichenbach-Klinke)

Fish are infected by swimming swarmers, which become attached at fish. In aquaria they may be treated by Protazol® of Fa. Sera (Heinsberg, Germany).

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