Convection Structures of Binary Fluid Mixtures in Porous Media

  • Matthias AugustinEmail author
  • Rudolf Umla
  • Manfred Lücke
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The study of convection patterns of binary mixtures in a porous medium plays an important role for modeling geothermal reservoirs as well as for many more industrial applications. Making use of a global Galerkin method allows to numerically determine in an efficient way various convection structures. The aim of this chapter is to describe the structural properties of these flow patterns, their bifurcation behavior, and stability against infinitesimal perturbations. The Soret effect, i.e., the generation of concentration gradients by temperature gradients, is taken into account and leads to several patterns with distinct features. We focus on those patterns that are of primary importance near the onset of convection; these include roll, crossroll, and square convection as well as traveling waves of convection rolls.


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