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Corneal Tattoo

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Corneal tattooing refers to the delivery of pigment into the corneal stroma to improve the cosmetic appearance of disfiguring scars or reduce the glare and visual distortion in patients with large iridectomies, traumatic loss of iris, or congenital iris colobomas. Tattooing can be especially helpful for patients in whom reconstructive surgical procedures will not result in functional improvement or for those who are unable to tolerate a printed contact lens or bulbar shell.

Impregnation techniques have been used for nearly 2000 years, in which the dye is delivered with the use of multiple punctures perpendicular to the corneal surface. Newer techniques include (a) the application of a platinum ion solution to the cornea, which when reacted with a second agent forms a dark black precipitate in the cornea and (b) a dermatography-like manner of tattooing, which employs punctures parallel to the corneal surface with a conventional spatula needle. Most recently, the success of...

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