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Lenticonus is a local bulging of the capsule of the crystalline lens and the underlying lens cortex. It commonly occurs at the anterior or posterior pole of the lens.

Posterior lenticonus is a congenital defect which is limited to the eye and not associated with systemic diseases. Recently, an association of posterior lenticonus with microcornea, persistent fetal vasculature, and coloboma has been described.

Anterior lenticonus is bilateral, acquired, and in most cases associated with Alport’s syndrome of nephrotic hematuria and deafness. It is believed to be a manifestation of a generalized basement membrane disorder. Associations of anterior lenticonus with Lowe’s and Waardenburg’s syndrome have also been described.


Histological examinations of the capsule in lenticonus showed a thinned and ectatic anterior capsule with accumulation of collagen type IV and type VI and irregular arrangement of collagen fibers. Lens cortical material was found to be protruded into...

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