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Phototherapeutic Keratectomy

  • Marko Ostovic
  • Thomas Kohnen
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Excimer laser procedure for treatment of superficial corneal diseases and surface irregularities by ablating superficial corneal tissue without damaging adjacent untreated tissue.


As the number of corneal refractive surgery procedures is increasing, so will the number of PTK for treatment of complications.


After its introduction in 1983 to perform surface ablations of the cornea, the excimer laser was approved for PTK in 1988 by the Food and Drug Administration.

Clinical Features

The excimer laser emits high-energy ultraviolet radiation at a wavelength of 193 nm and enables the user to treat corneas at a very high precision rate.


Thorough slit-lamp examination of the eyes and keratometric, keratographic, and pachymetric readings are required for preoperative planning to assure the best possible results.

Differential Diagnosis

Other corneal treatment methods are:



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