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Hot stamping is a hot forming method used in sheet metal forming, specifically in production of high-strength steel components for crash-relevant parts in the automotive industry.


Early 1970s
  • Early 1970s

  • The first developments in hot stamping in Sweden by Volvo in Olofström and Norrbottens Järnverks AB in Luleå (Jergeus 2012).

  • 1973

  • The first announcement for a European patent on hot stamping (SE7315058-3) in Sweden by Carl-Erik Ridderstrale of Plannja HardTech, a division of Plannja AB, which in turn is a subsidiary of Swedish Steel AB (SSAB), for manufacturing farm implements. The motivation is the need for lightweight and strong steel components (Plannja 1973; Keremedjiev 2011).

  • 1977

  • The first patent on hot stamping in Britain (GB1490535 – “Manufacturing of a hardened steel article”) by Plannja HardTech that used the process to produce saw blades and lawn mower blades (Norrbottens Jaernverk 1977; Karbasian and Tekkaya 2010).

  • 1980...

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