Polymer-Stabilized Blue Phase Liquid Crystals

  • Daming Xu
  • Fenglin Peng
  • Shin-Tson WuEmail author
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Polymer-stabilized blue-phase liquid crystals (PS-BPLCs) possess several attractive features, such as submillisecond gray-to-gray response time, no need for alignment layer, optically isotropic voltage-off state, and large cell gap tolerance. These merits render this technology a strong candidate for next-generation displays. However, some challenges such as high operating voltage, hysteresis, residual birefringence, charging issues, and relatively low transmittance still hinder their widespread applications. This chapter gives a step-by-step introduction of PS-BPLC starting from basic material composition to the physical properties, including electric field, wavelength, temperature, and frequency effects, and then followed by a review on recent progress on BPLC materials and devices for achieving low voltage as well as high transmittance.


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We are indebted to ITRI (Taiwan) and AU Optronics for the financial supports. Significant contributions from our former group members, especially Drs. Z. Ge, M. Jiao, K. M. Chen, L. Rao, Y. Li, H. C. Cheng, J. Yan, and Y. Chen, are greatly appreciated.


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