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Treaty of Turin (1860), Transfer of Nice and Savoie by the Kingdom of Sardinia to France

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The Treaty of Turin was signed on March 24, 1860, between Napoleon III, Emperor of France, and Victor-Emmanuel II, sovereign of the Kingdom of Sardinia. The result of the treaty was to transfer the city of Nice and the Region of Savoie from the Kingdom of Sardinia to France.

The Treaty was the result of a political agreement between France and the Kingdom of Sardinia, resulting from negotiations which began in April 1858. At the time, Italy was not a unified State, but a collection of principalities. Victor-Emmanuel II saw in France a useful ally that might support Italy’s unification. Needing support for that, France appeared to be a good ally. Also, France and the Kingdom of Sardinia found other common grounds, including the need to form a military alliance against the Austrian Empire, which was ascending in power at the time. In exchange for Napoleon III’s support, the City of Nice and the Region of Savoie were treated as bargaining chips by Italy. On December 12, 1858,...

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