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The Rann of Kutch Arbitration

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The Rann of Kutch Dispute was a border dispute between India and Pakistan involving a marshy subsection in the larger Kutch territory spread across the state of Sindh in southeastern Pakistan and the state of Gujarat in India’s northwest. At partition in 1947, India was divided into 565 independent princely states, including the state of Kutch. States were given the option of joining either India or Pakistan, and with Kutch having joined the Indian dominion, India claimed that since the Rann formed part of the Kutch state, the territory belonged to India. On the other hand, Pakistan challenged India’s claim, arguing that the northern half of the Rann fell under the jurisdiction of Sind since the British annexation in 1843 and hence belonged to Pakistan.

The region witnessed military confrontation in the mid-1960s, which ended with an internationally brokered ceasefire in June 1965. The ceasefire agreement laid out a time bound process of resolving the dispute through...

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