Biomass Energy and Bio-solar Hybrid Energy Systems

  • Rakesh P. Tapaskar
  • Prashant P. Revankar
  • Sharanabasava V. GanachariEmail author
  • Jayachandra S. Yaradoddi
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Energy crisis has compelled the mankind to search for the alternative source of energy rather than the conventional fossil fuel reservoir which is depleting at an alarming rate with the growth of human population. The exhaustive use of fossil fuel has led to pollution of the environment resulting in irreversible harmful impact on nature and its habitants. Biomass in this context can be considered as an immediate answer to the issue of energy crises, which can be converted into useful energy. The plant-based organic matters which are not used as food are commonly referred to as the biomass which can be technically referred to as lignocellulosic biomass. The various processes and techniques that can be employed in conversion of waste biomass into useful energy along with some recent conceptual trends employing the biomass energy in conjunction with other renewable energy sources like solar photovoltaics are also discussed for the knowledge of readers in the further sections of this chapter.


Biomass Rural technologies 


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