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 Ucn-1: Ucn; Ucn I; UROC; Urocortin; Urocortin 1; Urocortin I

 Ucn-2: Ucn2; Urocortin 2; Urocortin II

 Ucn-3: SCP; SPC; Stresscopin; Ucn3; UCNIII; Urocortin 3; Urocortin III

Historical Background

In mid-nineties, urocortin (Ucn), a 40 amino acid peptide, was identified as a new member of family a highly evolutionary conserved corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) peptide discovered earlier in 1981 (Vale et al. 1981). Vaughan and colleagues used a probe derived from urotensin, a fish member of the CRF family, and discovered immunoreactivity in localized rat midbrain region (Vaughan et al. 1995). Urocortin isoforms are widely expressed in the heart, central nervous system, gut, skeletal muscle, skin, and immune system (Davidson et al. 2009). It has several systemic actions associated with stress; it mimics some of CRF effects in the nervous system as it enhanced anxiety and is a potent suppressor of appetite and feeding behavior (Pan and Kastin 2008). Urocortin has strong...

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