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Historical Background

The protein tyrosine kinase (PTK) Tec was first identified in 1990 (Mano et al. 1990) in a study which aimed at identifying PTKs involved in hepatocarcinogenesis and which involved a screen of a murine liver cDNA library. The predicted amino acid sequence showed a homology to Src kinases as it contained a Src-homology (SH) 2 domain, a SH3 domain, and a kinase domain. However unlike Src family kinases, no myristoylation sites at the N-terminus were found in the Tec protein, and in addition, the Tec sequence did not show a negative regulatory tyrosine at the C-terminus. This difference classified Tec as a member of a new non-receptor-type PTK. Soon after four other non-receptor-type PTKs with high homology to Tec were discovered: the IL-2-inducible tyrosine kinase (Itk), the Bruton’s tyrosine kinase (Btk), resting lymphocyte kinase (Rlk), and bone marrow kinase on the X chromosome (Bmx)....
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