Pathology of the Pleura and Mediastinum

2018 Edition
| Editors: Timothy Craig Allen, Saul Suster

Rheumatoid Pleuritis

  • Melanie BoisEmail author
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Rheumatoid lung disease; Rheumatoid nodules; Rheumatoid pleural effusion; Rheumatoid pleurisy


Pleuropulmonary manifestations of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) include interstitial lung disease, organizing pneumonia, small and large airway inflammation, pleural nodules, and pleural effusions (Amital et al. 2011; Anaya et al. 1995; Schneider et al. 2012). Of the aforementioned, those processes that involve the pleura are the most common thoracic manifestations of RA (Anaya et al. 1995; Highland and Heffner 2004; Schneider et al. 2012; Shannon and Gale 1992).

Pleuritis occurs in patients with long-standing rheumatoid arthritis and has a tendency to herald an exacerbation of arthritis (Amital et al. 2011; Highland and Heffner 2004). Genetic predisposition to pleural involvement in RA has been linked to HLA-B8 and Dw3 (Amital et al. 2011). While RA is more common in women, pleural involvement of RA is more commonly found in men (Amital et al. 2011; Anaya et al. 1995;...

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