Pathology of the Pleura and Mediastinum

2018 Edition
| Editors: Timothy Craig Allen, Saul Suster

Mediastinal Extraskeletal Myxoid Chondrosarcoma

  • Annikka WeissferdtEmail author
  • Cesar A. Moran
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Chondrosarcoma of the extraskeletal soft tissues; Chordoid sarcoma; Chordoid tumor; EMC; Extraskeletal chondrosarcoma; Tenosynovial sarcoma


Extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma (EMC) is a rare soft tissue neoplasm characterized by distinct histopathological and molecular features. Although its name implies cartilaginous differentiation, several studies have demonstrated neural or neuroendocrine differentiation in these tumors raising the possibility of polyphenotypic origin. In the latest World Health Organization (WHO) classification of soft tissue and bone tumors, the entity is therefore grouped among the lesions of “uncertain differentiation.” Extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma is primarily a tumor of the deep soft tissues of the lower extremities and limb girdles. Rare tumors have been reported to arise in unusual anatomic locations such as the retroperitoneum, digits, or intracranial cavity. Only a single case has been reported to occur in the posterior...

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