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Brasília and the Literature It Has Inspired

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In 1960, Brazil’s government inaugurated Brasília, a futuristic capital built at the heart of the country. The new Federal District was meant to integrate the country from its core and serve as a symbol of innovation. In international art circles, Brasília is famous for its architecture and design, masterminded by urban planner Lucio Costa and architect Oscar Niemeyer. Within Brazil, the capital is well known additionally for its 1980s and 1990s post-punk rock music, which generated hit songs that have become part of a collective Brazilian identity. Many songs and films inspired by Brasília have gained national fame, particularly love songs and engagédocumentaries. Lesser known, however, is the corpus of innovative prose and poetry inspired by the ambitious utopian city. The first part of this entry introduces Brasília chronologically, and the second part analyzes the literature it has inspired. Common threads throughout this corpus include efforts to demystify a flawed utopia, to...

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