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Basic Achievement Skills Inventory

  • Kelly BroxtermanAffiliated withSchool Psychology, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Email author 
  • , Doris S. MokAffiliated withDepartment of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities University of Macau
  • , Alyssa BeukemaAffiliated withSchool Psychology, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology




The Basic Achievement Skills Inventory (BASI) is a commercially published, norm-referenced achievement test that assesses math, reading, and language skills for children and adults. It is published by Pearson and was first made available in 2004. Information on the test is easily accessible through the publishers’ webpage (http://​www.​pearsonassessmen​ts.​com/​basi.​aspx), which includes relevant excerpts from the manual, a flash demonstration, training modules, sample reports, and others.


There are two forms: a comprehensive form and a survey form. The comprehensive form comprises six timed subtests: vocabulary, spelling, language mechanics, reading comprehension, math computation, and math application. The subtests can be administered independently to measure specific skills or in any combination. There are four grade levels (I–IV), 3rd–4th grade, 5th–6th grade, 7th–8th, and 9th–12th. The survey form is a screening tool comprising two subtests: verbal skills and ...

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