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Encyclopedia of Clinical Neuropsychology

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California Computerized Assessment Package




The California Computerized Assessment Package (CalCAP; 1999) presents a series of brief reaction time tasks designed to assess speeded information processing and psychomotor functioning. The standard CalCAP consists of four Simple and six Go-No Go reaction time subtests that require 20–25 min to complete. The individual reaction time measures were designed to assess a number of cognitive domains, including speed of processing (reaction time), lexical discrimination (real word vs. nonsense word), rapid visual scanning, form discrimination and matching, working memory (1-back and 2-back tasks), and sustained and divided attention. Each task includes a practice session that must be completed with 100% accuracy to proceed to the main 2-min procedure, a method that ensures that subjects understand the task instructions and that minimizes practice effects in longitudinal study designs. Subjects are asked to focus on a display field and respond only to specific types ...

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