Epigenetic Regulation of Fat Deposition: A Focus on Krüppel-Like Factor 14 (Klf14)

  • Robert A. KozaEmail author
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Recent studies are beginning to unravel novel mechanisms associated with the epigenetic contribution to the development of obesity; however, there are many questions that still remain. This review will initially provide an overview of a subset of highly conserved transcription factors called Krüpple-like factors which have been shown to play key roles in the regulation of adipose tissue function, type-2-diabetes, lipid metabolism, as well as other aspects of the metabolic syndrome. Focus will then be shifted to the regulation and function of KLF14, a unique imprinted and intron-less Krüpple-like factor that has been shown to be associated with lipid metabolism, dyslipidemia, obesity, and type-2-diabetes.


Krüppel-Like Factor Adipocyte Adiposity Obesity Adipogenesis Lipogenesis Epigenetics Type-2-diabetes Metabolic syndrome Dyslipidemia Methylation Imprinted Genome wide association Cholesterol Triglycerides 

List of Abbreviations


Brown adipose tissue


Body mass index


Diet-induced obesity


Differentially methylated region


Expression quantitative trait loci


Fat mass deposition


Glucocorticoid receptor


Genome-wide association


High-density lipoprotein


Krüppel-like factor 14


Mouse embryonic fibroblast


Mesoderm specific transcript






Uncoupling protein 1



Data presented in Figs. 1 and 2 were partially supported by NIH R01DK090361. Support was also provided by the Molecular Phenotyping and Physiology Core Facilities at the Maine Medical Center Research Institute funded by COBRE (NIGMS P30GM106391).


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