The Community College Branch Campus in Kuwait: Meeting Needs of the People and of Industry

  • Carol Ross
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Since early 2000, many private institutions have emerged in the Middle Eastern region (Ghabra and Arnold 2007). In Kuwait, the impetus of popularity for private postsecondary institutions was grounded in the ever-increasing higher education demands of the country and its flagship public university, Kuwait University. Although Kuwait embraced many Western models, the American model of higher education with branch campuses that award degrees in home institution’s name or with affiliates that serve as consultant mentors or a hybrid mix was most often chosen. This case study examines one private group’s attempt to meet Kuwait’s strategic imperative of investing in its human capital by filling the educational and career preparation gap with an American model community college. With Broward College as the affiliate, the goal was to develop a postsecondary experience based upon a similar mission, policies and procedures, organizational and administrative structures, student programs and services, and faculty credentialing.


Kuwait private education International community colleges Private institutions in Middle East American model colleges in Middle East New college development Establishing private colleges/universities American College affiliates MOUs and international colleges 


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