Pathology of the Gastrointestinal Tract

2017 Edition
| Editors: Fátima Carneiro, Paula Chaves, Arzu Ensari

Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome

  • Armagan GunalEmail author
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Periorificial lentiginosis; Polyps and spots syndrome


Peutz-Jeghers polyposis is a hereditary cancer syndrome which belongs to hamartomatous polyposis syndromes. It is characterized by mucocutaneous melanotic hyperpigmentation and hamartomatous polyps in gastrointestinal tract with an increased risk of intestinal and also extraintestinal malignancies.

Hamartoma defines an overgrowth of normal tissues in their own native localisations. Hamartomatous polyps in gastrointestinal tract can be seen sporadically, but multiple polyps can occur as a component of genetically inherited or acquired hamartomatous polyposis syndromes. Hamartomatous polyposis syndromes include: (1) Juvenile polyposis, (2) Peutz-Jeghers polyposis (PJP), (3) Cowden syndrome and Bannayan-Ruvalcaba-Riley syndrome (these two are also called as “PTEN hamartoma tumor syndrome” because of the same affected gene locus), (4) Cronkhite-Canada syndrome (the latter is different from the former three because of...

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