Pathology of the Gastrointestinal Tract

2017 Edition
| Editors: Fátima Carneiro, Paula Chaves, Arzu Ensari

Normal Appendix and Tumoral Appendix

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Vermiform appendix


The appendix is a derivative of the cecum and matures in the second trimester of the embryonic life. As the appendix lengthens, the junction between the appendix and the cecum becomes increasingly more distinct. The appendix usually arises from the posteromedial cecal wall, at a point about 2.5–3 cm below the ileocecal valve, with its orifice opening into the cecum. However, four types of ceco-appendiceal junction are possible. The appendix arises at the junction of three of the taenia coli present at the surface of the cecum. The appendix is suspended from the mesoappendix, which is a mesenteric extension from the ileum; the base of the appendix is attached to the posterior abdominal wall and its tip is free. The position of the appendix varies considerably; most commonly, the appendix lies behind the cecum and ascending colon. It may also lie beside the ascending colon, in front of or behind the terminal ileum, lying on the psoas muscle, or in the...

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