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5G Wireless

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5G wireless is the fifth generation cellular mobile technology based on specifications defined in Release 15 of 3GPP standards [1][2][3][4][5].

Historical Background

5G wireless is fundamentally transforming a radio network from pure wireless connectivity to the network for services. Mobile wireless access technologies have gone through several generations of evolutions to increase radio access capacity. The spectral efficiency has approaching Shannon capacity. However, there is enormous opportunity on support of various services. 5G wireless (3GPP TS 38.201-36.215 2017; 3G3GPP TR 38.801 2017; 3GPP TR 38.802 2017; 3GPP TR 38.803 2017; 3GPP TR 38.804 2017) is expected to support a variety of services more efficiently.

5G applications can range from Gigabit Society with personalized ultra-broadband TV and smartphone to autonomous car, connected home and cities, as well as remote sensors for agriculture and smart...

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