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Bandwidth Allocation in Data Center Networks

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In data center networks (DCNs), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers can flexibly allocate bandwidth in order to achieve diverse benefits for providers and tenants. For the IaaS providers, appropriate schemes of bandwidth allocation can improve the utilization of DCNs, and thus more revenues can be generated. On the other hand, the amount of bandwidth allocated for the tenants largely determines the performance of applications and the fairness of coexisting tenants.

Historical Background

In recent years, cloud computing is widely developed for providing various Internet services such as search, video caching, and distributed storage. To efficiently meet the requirements of data-intensive cloud computing applications, large-scale DCNs are built by IaaS providers. Among diverse studies of DCNs, bandwidth allocation plays a key role; it has been investigated from different perspectives, achieving many advances (Bari et al., 2013; Del...

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