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Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks

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Cognitive radio sensor network (CRSN) is a kind of wireless sensor networks where sensor nodes and sink nodes are equipped with cognitive radio modules to opportunistically access spatiotemporally available channels to transmit sensed data (Akan et al., 2009). Different from traditional cognitive radio network, cognitive radio sensor network is more sensitive to the energy consumption in channel sensing and switching, which motivates the study of spectrum management focusing on improving the energy efficiency of power-limited sensor nodes.

Historical Background

Both of the concept proposals of wireless sensor network (WSN) and cognitive radio (CR) can be dated back to the 1990s or earlier (Mitola and Maguire, 1999; Akyildiz et al., 2002). A WSN typically comprises a large number of battery-powered sensor nodes deployed in an interested area to perform environmental sensing and information converting and processing and then transmit their...

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